You were my crush !… till you said you love me ! Book review

You were my crush !… till you said you love me ! Book review

Name:           You were my crush !… till you said you love me !
Author:        Durjoy Datta, Orvana Ghai
Genre:          Fiction
Language:   English
Pages:           223 (Paperback)
Preceded by:She Broke Up, I Didn’t! ….I Just Kissed Someone Else!
Total Reading Hour: 15-20 Hrs

According to me, you cannot consider this book as part of Deb & Avantika series because it’s all about Deboy- Deb’s cousin. Yah, You will see Deb & Avantika here and there but not more than that.

Benoy is missing his mother who died because of cancer and now he is living alone. His only support in this world is Deb – his beloved cousin and Eshan – his friend in college. Everyone thinks that Benoy is good for nothing – wealthy careless brat. Benoy usually got his dad to help him out of sticky situations. But unfortunately, it was one professor who couldn’t be bribed, that got Benoy to attend his lectures. During one of the sessions, Benoy meets Diya,and they end up having a cat fight only to become best friends. Apparently, Benoy fall for Shaina – younger sister of Diya. Shaina and Benoy started to meet and talk without Diya’s knowledge. Everything was rosy until one fine day Shaina thinks all of this needs to stop.

Durjoy datta depicted Benoy as most misunderstood character by all and hence Diya wants him to stay away from Shaina. But he proved all wrong. This book has high emotional drama, trust and lots of love . Go for it and read it.

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