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Some tips that might help you to well plan your travel “Travelling Tips”

Everyone loves traveling and every time you plan to travel you select a different location visit different destinations. But there are some handy tips that can be useful irrespective of where you are heading.

Here are some tips that might help you to well plan your travel.

Some might say that unplanned trips are the best trip, we completely agree to it but we are talking about planning the essentials for your trip whether you are on a planned or unplanned trip. And believe us it will help you to save a lot of time. There is a lot of trivial stuff that must be taken care at home before the trip. Why miss some of the great things when a little planning can enhance the whole adventure/holiday. Here are some tips you should remember while planning your travels.

Savvy Tip

First, save a little, Invest a little and then ‘Go Traveling.’ The key here is having the discipline to set aside money to go into your travel fund. Look for off-seasons, travel well, and save more. The other way to save money is by not traveling in the most expensive countries.

Decide and then hold on to the no. of days!!

The most time-consuming aspect of planning any trip is agreeing on a number of days. Best vacations are the one where you get to spend maximum time at one destination rather than traveling more number of destinations in a shorter span of time.

Always decide and then go because there are such amazing places from where you would never want to come back from. It’s better to travel less destination by giving the required time for that destination, remember you are planning your vacation & not any business pitch or sales target.

Pin your Budget

You might decide to book hotels, cabs on the spot or well in advance, but it is advisable to set a budget first. You should always keep an additional budget for the trip which you might use for something that you were unaware of. Say paragliding or mount climbing. If that part of the budget is not used, great save it for your next trip. It is advisable to keep at least 10% amount of your total budget as urgency budget.


An itinerary is important. Period!

You don’t have to plan out every hour of the trip, but a little homework really comes out to be very handy.

Read and be informed

There is no dearth of information these days, therefore always read the latest news and location of the place you are visiting. This is very helpful. Sometimes Google puts you on the riskiest roads.

Arrange for alternate finance

Keep a backup plan when traveling outside your own country. You never know that you might not get an atm or your credit card is not working due to some issue. You should always look for some alternate finance tool such as traveler’s chequebook or something else depending upon the destination you are heading. You can also look for someone back at home whom you can reach out in case of emergency.

Look for your safety first!

Despite all the planning, you can never plan enough safety. Travel is an adventure and it attracts thrills. Stay alert, stay fit and take up things only when you know you want to do it.

Everyone has dreams and goals that they want to fulfill. These goals need a smart planning.

Do let us know your feedback about the article. Also, share with us if we missed something.

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