The One

The One

I saw her standing there by the moonlight,

Strands of hair falling over her beautiful face;

Lonely and forlorn, she was such a pretty sight,

A longing for her made my heart race.

Lost in her beauty, I could just stand and stare,

Time came to a halt as I pondered what move to make;

My mind was in a quandary and my feelings I was afraid to share,

But something had to be done for it was my love at stake.

Courage I gathered and ran the conversation through my head,

It all sounded perfect but when I stepped in front of her, the words just didn’t come out right;

Having squandered my chance, I just wished to be dead,

Embarrassed and flustered, I disappeared out of her sight.

Nice guys finish last and the players have a field day,

Lust conquers love and for feelings, no one has a care;

The demons in my head had made me believe in what they say,

What had come true was my worst nightmare.

But the beautiful stranger from that night walked back in to my life,

We took a leap of faith, for love never cares to be defined;

And today when I have her as my happily married wife,

“The one” is not the perfect lover, but with whom “perfect love” is refined.

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