One of the Chhattisgarh timeless natural wonder

One of the Chhattisgarh timeless natural wonder

Chingrapagar waterfall is a golden place for extreme adventure seekers those with who have an artistic frame of mind. It is an unexplored waterfall situated in midst of forest at a distance of 15 km from Gariaband district Chhattisgarh.

If you love nature and waterfalls you will surely love this place, just give few hours to explore this marvelous beautiful place by moving towards the forest as this glorious waterfall is surrounded by lush forest the crisp air, made this waterfall even more spectacular. This intimate waterfall could be one of the favorite waterfalls in Chhattisgarh. Chingrapagar is filled with lush forests with many hidden gems can be discovered. The falls make its presence felt with the steady hum of the gushing water and a fine mist hanging landscape stretches before and has dotted as a smaller attraction.

The peculiar shape resulting from the chipping away of rock from the falls edge these rocks are proudly displayed at the bottom of the falls and they splash away the water that hits them with tremendous force. It’s overall a different experience it is a drizzling and have to walk for  6 km long from kachna Dherwa temple where one can feel the mother nature, magical chirping of birds, different kind of trees rolling around its  a  perfect view to capture during sunset, the twilight color, twinkle on these crystal colored water creates a stunningly surreal effect. It’s a rugged beauty that seems so untouched.

Waterfalls are special because one can always relate it to life always moving and there is an uneven flow in it. Chingrapagar words feel short to express the beauty of this beautiful waterfall.

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