On this night Sitting on the grass

On this night Sitting on the grass

On this night 
Sitting on the grass
Under the sky full of stars 
With a cup of coffee 
I feel happy. 
But still 
I’m missing something
And you know what I’m missing
right now, 
I’m missing you.

I want you to be here 
with me, 
In my arms.
You resting your head on my shoulder.
And when you will be busy
In counting the stars, 
I will get lost in your 
deep beautiful glittery eyes. 
When the wind will kiss smoothly your glowing face, 
I will play with your hair 
And will set them smoothly on the back of the ears.
I will hold you tightly in my arms 
So that we will never get apart 
from each other, 
For the rest of the time. 
And Making this night the memorable one.

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