Most Haunted Place in CHHATTISGARH

You might have heard about the stories of ghost in your childhood from your grandparents and your mother. Being a small kid you never realized how scary it would be if it could be real and make you feel the existence of it in the real world. The stories might have some relations with the real characters but it is being told to the kids just to stop them from doing nuisance or to make them sleep early at night. It is true and you might have came across this incident in your childhood. Even your grandparents have heard about the ghost stories from their parents or might have seen some movies through which they have got the idea and molded it to make you fear at some instant.Well, it sounds like funny and people don’t mind it when they hear such kind of stories at the present generation. But, still the stories will give you goose bumps and will shiver your soul when you hear it for the first time. Yes, the stories are very interesting and kids love to hear it with full gusto despite of being fearing at that instant. Lots of interesting facts are there in different cities of India which will compel you to think off whether this is true or it’s just a fake story. Let me tell you some facts that are real and people have experienced it in their life.Today, believing in the ghost and their existence is increasing at a huge pace. It is a myth from old days that they capture the soul of people and ruin their life till their end. Even some says that they show a bad impact in their life by putting a barrier in their progress. Do you think that it happens in this generation and it impacts the life of people, as their belief is increasing in all these facts? Yes, it is true to some extent and some people have witness the incidence that they have gone through some paranormal activities or have experienced some unusual things happens around them. What they are and how far they touch your soul and make you shiver will read in the further article.An adage is not so old when our mother says, sleep early at night otherwise a ghost will come & will take you with him/her. It is true and in few places it has been seen that some people had feel the presence of spirits in their home or nearby their residence. Isn’t it scary? I got goose bumps by writing this article and sharing my experience with you related the existence of spirits in some of the popular haunted places of India.Few of the creepiest and deadliest spots where spirits have shown their huge presence are in Chhattisgarh. Let’s take a keen look at some of the haunted places of Chhattisgarh where you shouldn’t be there at night, especially alone. Their presence and their horrible sounds can create some unusual incidence which take you to the road of death or can injure you to a high extent. Some of the well known haunted places that are top in the list of people are

Y-shape bridge of Bhilai

It’s not too old when the bridge has got its shape and started for the local people just to lower down the heavy load from the both sides of pass way i.e. Durg and NehruNagar . After the construction of Y-shape Bridge, people got huge relief from the heavy traffic and from the unconditional waiting at the railway barricades. It is quite good to some extent but after few months people started realizing that there is something unusual at the Bridge that too at night between 12 am to 4 am. People say that they have feel the presence of some spirit which usually distract them from the path or sometimes she appears in front of them in a white saree and ask them for lift. This is still in news and people try not to pass the bridge at late night as she can harm them by any means.

Garage Road (32 Bangla)

If you been to Bhilai you could hear the actual stories of Battis Bangla and the soul or spirit of a lady related to that. It’s a true fact and many are there who experienced it and saved their life by different means. The road is about 2km to 3 km long and it is very dangerous at night. The road is covered with darkness and you won’t be able to find a single ray of light at the pass way. Mostly a spirit here will ask you for lift to some distance and chat with you normally but she won’t be there at the back. When you turn back and ask for the destination to drop her you won’t find her and this is the creepiest and horrible things that could give you goose bumps at that instant.

Tar Bahar Railway Crossing (Bilaspur)

It is one of the deadliest places in Bilaspur after being an incidence occurred here in later 2011 when a speeding train killed 18 people near the railway crossing on the outskirts of it. The accident took place is very horrible as many people rammed over there by a train within a sudden. This incidence took place at 7 PM when the barricade is closed and few people trying to trespass it without even knowing that train is coming from both sides. After few months, it has been stated that the soul of people started creating trouble to people who passes from there at night. Even some are there who have seen few people crossing the barricade even the train is passing and nothing happens to them. Some told that they have seen dead bodies lying in the railway track after many years of the incidence happened. This was really shocking and horrible and shivering story which is true at the current scenario.

Haunted House (Jagdalpur)

A haunted house situated near Bastar and Bakawand. A story says that those who find themselves a strong hearted person they tried to go inside the house but they never ever came back and trapped themselves inside. Some says that a spirit is present in the house which harms the person who tries to stay in that home for long time. Few of them experience it and anyhow they rescued themselves from the house and save their life from the spirit staying over there. People says that the spirit inside the house is of a man who tries to harm the people staying over there by coming in front of them at night or by capturing the soul of a particular member of their family and making them paralyzed or taking them at the road to death.These are some of the places of Chhattisgarh which are popular because of the presence of spirit, ghosts or poltergeist. They can make you mad or can take you at the doorstep of death from where you can’t come back easily. These stories are true and an experienced fact of some people who been there who witnessed of the incidences at that instant. Must read and try to avoid going

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