A vast area of Bastar is covered by forests brimming with trees, for example, Sal, Bamboo, Seesam, and Teak. Bastar is also home to more than a couple of mountains, caves, hills, parks, and waterfalls. In fact, the Lakes and Waterfalls in Bastar are tremendous vacation spots. Amongst the several lakes of this region, a place worth going by is Dalpat Sagar Lake, Bastar.

History of Dalpat Sagar Lake, Bastar:-

Dalpat Sagar Lake spread over 350 hectares is recorded amongst the most prominent lakes in Chhattisgarh. It has got the distinction of being the biggest artificial lake in Chhattisgarh. Dalpat Sagar is an old lake that was built approximately 400 years ago by the well-known ruler of Bastar Raja Dalpat Deo Kakatiya.

The main purpose behind building this lake was to store the rain water with the goal that it could be utilized later for different purposes like irrigation, drinking, and everyday use. As-of-now, the lake has become one of the prime attractions in Bastar and is being utilized as a major source of fishes. Both the lakes in Bastar  have been developed into prevalent excursion spots and local people as well as vacationers make it a point to come here amid holidays and weekends.

Description of Dalpat Sagar Lake, Bastar:-

Dalpat Sagar Lake of Bastar is on Indravati River which goes through Jagdalpur. Spread over 350 hectares, Dalpat Sagar takes pride in being the largest artificial lake in the state of Chhattisgarh. This lake was primarily built to reap rain water. If you can get up early, you may join the custom worship of the god at this spot before enjoying the act of group fishing. Group fishing is a treat to watch where one group spreads the nets while other drives the fishes into the nets by beating the water and wailing. You can also enjoy boating (motor/pedal boats) on your visit to Dalpat Sagar Lake. The hypnotizing scenario of this lake, especially at sunset, should not be missed for anything.

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