A page in the book

The complexities of the human mind

The answers to questions we never find

Lying awake on the bed at night

The angel and the devil put up a fight….

Cluttering my head, is more than a million thought

All at the same time, it’s a frickin battle that’s fought

I await the dawn as darkness descends,

I enter my perfect world as the dream transcends….

Reflecting on the day that was a bloody sleepwalk

Of mundane chores and empty talk

Not losing self-control is such a big tussle

When each day throws up a brand new puzzle….

I’d rather be the fool than try to connive

I’d rather spread love than take someone’s feelings on a drive

The good comes to bad and the bad comes to good

But I’m gonna live my life like I would, like I should….

Written as directed and not by what the heart feels

Like a journalist, I have penned a page in the book of life’s deeds….

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